What are the Thoughts Archives?

What are the Thoughts Archives?

Hi everyone - before I delve into the details of this personal project, I want to share my personal thoughts about the body and recovery. 

I believe everyone has the need for some sort of recovery, and that recovery is often necessary for personal growth. Part of recovery is acknowledging your past as well as your present. Recovery typically implies a process of returning to what once was, but even with a physical injury, such as a cut, the skin that covers the wound will never be the same as the original skin. When it comes to experiencing psychological damage, I believe the same concept applies: where one may never achieve the mental state they had before the disturbance, but may be able to achieve a new and similar mental state. 

Now for the details of this project: I am writing this journal to keep track of and analyze my thoughts and interactions as they pertain to the body. I will leave the specifics up to interpretation, but many of my entries were written after encountering a Humanities archive. 

A Collection of Thoughts

My vision hasn’t been clear lately.
I think there’s something wrong with the atmosphere...
I’ve tried taking my head out of the clouds and
Burying these thoughts into the ground-

But they grow 
Ivy from shadows
And buttercup meadows
They grow

Stealing sunlight from my crops
The ones that feed me 
The ones that sell 
But they grow 

And I don’t have the heart to spray them down 
nor the power to rip them from their roots

They’re my muse, my inspiration 
Stubborn weeds that tangle my tomato vines
And sour my basil leaves

A flavor that compels me:
the answer.

Maybe, in the crabgrass, I’ll find it.

Or maybe I will be the fool they shake their heads at.
The dreamer who lost their head to the mysticism of these resilient plants.

A dreamer with hundreds of thoughts and millions of weeds unsourced and tangled. Senseless and fruitless.

And my plate will be empty when my head is full.