March 3, 2021
March 3, 2021

March 3, 2021

Why don’t we learn the laws?
Why don’t we learn that everybody thinks differently- that there are different expectations for everyone?
Why do we see some people as others when we ourselves aren’t even truly part of the whole?

I think the reason it hurts when people don’t help me-when people don’t reach out to me
Is because it makes me feel disconnected from the world. My interactions form my identity, and I realize that, I might genuinely be one of the only people I know who thinks so hard about other people, that there might never be someone who can truly empathize with me. And it means that at the moment, there isn’t a single person who takes me into consideration the way I do for them. It’s a constant state of unrequited empathy… and it makes me feel very empty. Sometimes I feel like an empty husk as I constantly push myself to be understanding of others actions and suppress my reactions to them – I feel like the “Chullachaqui” of myself that Karamakate describes.

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