Collaborative Project(s)

Collaborative Project(s)

A Toxic Relationship

The original plot of this incomplete film was developed by Sean Dick, Molly Smith, and I over winter break.

A mouse travels great lengths to find a glowing (radioactive) dandelion in order to impress their date. On their journey back to their dates house, the radioactive seeds scatter along the path, contaminating whatever they touch. The moment just after the presented film cuts off, the story is meant to continue with the flower and its seeds “poof” -ing in front of the date and on the contaminated objects. Everything within a certain radius of each “poof” is mutated slightly.

Although somewhat lighthearted and silly, this animated short was intended to point out the fact that, even with simple actions, such as picking flowers, there are multiple interactions that our bodies undergo, and resultantly, our bodies influence others.

Below are some fun brainstormed ideas of “mutated bodies” that were meant to show up in the short.

Molly Smith’s Concept Art